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Our strongest markets

New Jersey

Northern New Jersey’s strong industrial market is due to its proximity to the ports, and to the NYC metro area. Vacancy rates have historically been low in all cycles.

Servicing both port related logistics, and last-mile distribution, Northern New Jersey seems to remain a very strong and robust market for the foreseeable future, with some of the highest rental rates in the country. The infill nature of this area precludes over development, and demand continues to exceed supply.

Central Jersey
Turnpike Corridor

Central Jersey has some of the lowest vacancy rates in the nation. The New Jersey Turnpike road system is a primary choice for trucking companies, and rental rates are continuing to rise at a healthy pace, as lack of available land stems the possibility of over-supply.

Within proximity to the nation’s largest and most affluent urban centers, and with e-commerce share in the retail market continuing to grow, Central Jersey is poised to remain a strong market.

Nassau County,
Long Island

Nassau County is an infill area with very few options for new development. Servicing an affluent market, and close to JFK and LaGuardia airports, as well as the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, it is a strong market with very high rental rates.