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Building the future

Building the future

Stalwart Equities was founded by a group of young, visionary entrepreneurs. As ecommerce began to reshape the face of business, we recognized early on that traditional brick and mortar stores would give way to large distribution and fulfillment centers. Stalwart was perfectly poised to participate in and accelerate this transformation. Our principals hail from generational property owners and developers, and leveraged their cumulative expertise to cement a swift and strong foothold in the industrial real estate world.

In competitive infill markets, which are manned by bulwark developers, the dearth of available property, as well as the high cost of land, generally creates a high barrier to entry. Stalwart stands out. With unyielding tenacity, determination, values and smarts, we continue to unearth the gems others miss. As we like to put it

We find opportunities hidden in plain sites

Where others see challenge, we see opportunity. Where they see an undevelopable plot, we see a future distribution center. We turn lemons into melons. And our strategy pays off for both principals and investors: Stalwart’s returns are off the charts.